network testing framework (ntf)

Easy acceptance testing for your network services with Node.js

ntf is a suite of components to make it easy to test and monitor the state of your network services and applications. Test HTTP, DNS, and raw sockets with high-level helper functions on top of nodeunit. Run suites of tests continuously, and see reporting and performance trending in real time. Open source, developed at Shutterstock.
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var ntf = require('ntf') , test = ntf.http('') exports.home = test.get('/', function(test) { test.statusCode(200) test.body('ntf') test.done() })

High-level HTTP, DNS, and socket testing

Test different types of responses for the parts you care about -- statuses, regex content matches, JSON subsets, etc
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dns ✔ root ✔ www http ✔ home socket ✔ http OK: 7 assertions (2013ms)

Run Tests Continuously

ntfd manages scheduling and running your suites of tests. Handle results with plug-ins or write your own callbacks.
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var ntfd = require('ntfd') ntfd({ path: __dirname + '/tests', agent: 'test', plugin: [ new ntfd.plugin.ConsoleEmitter() ], test: { interval: 10 } })

Reporting in Real-time

See results from test suites in real-time via WebSockets. Drill down for more granular test and performance data. There's a REST API built-in too.
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